Hi, I'm Baraka Mafole.

I’m top rated rated digital freelancer, enterprenuer, content creator, social media influencer dreaming to help 100k african youth to join digital economy.


I’m digital Swiss Army knife – a creator, freelancer, enterprenuer and influencer rolled into one. My creativity fuels trends, my strategies turns visions into victories, and my social media presence connects and inspires. In the digital world, I don’t just play the game, I redefine it.

Years of Experience
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Services I offer

Where I weave influence, innovate in consultation, and localize content – your digital dreams take a flight!

Social media influencing

I use my strong online presence to help brands share their stories and reach more people. It's about creating posts and campaigns that really speak to the audience and make an impact

Digital gig consultation

I share my know-how with freelancers and businesses, giving them tips and strategies to do well in the online world

Content localization

I adapt content to fit different places and cultures, making sure it feels right at home while keeping its original message clear

Consultation services

As a seasoned remote worker and freelancer, I understand the challenges you face –  from finding the right projects to creating a productive environment at home.

Let me share with you the strategies that have helped me thrive in this flexible yet demanding field.

Let’s turn your remote work challenges into opportunities for growth and success!


“Baraka is well-versed in digital advocacy, diplomacy and dissemination. As one of our (PZG PR) #FursaZaKidijitali fellows, he has positively signalled our live classrooms, enabling our digital education platform to reach over 20 million accounts on Twitter. He is a brave young tech leader who is trailblazing the gig economy in Tanzania. His expertise of online platforms, communications proliferation and community management will be of tremendous value to any organisation, campaign or brand.”

  Prudence Zoe Glorious – CPO PZG Impact Firm

Clients I've worked with

For past four years I’ve worked with different local and international clients. My clients are from different niches/ indurstries including Fintech, Education, tech and consumer goods.

My latest articles

Soma makala zangu mbalimbali kuhusu teknolojia